Sixth Street Productions has been delivering multimedia projects of nearly every scope and nature since 1993, from 30-second TV and radio spots to 90-minute live broadcasts and every kind of film, video and audio production in-between. Along the way, the company has served a wide variety of clients from advertising to entertainment, medical to high-tech, manufacturing, retail, education and government.

The company has been driven by five core principles from the start:
1) fresh, innovative creative
2) polished, professional productions
3) attention to detail
4) competitive pricing
5) and personalized client service

If youíd like to see what Sixth Street can do for your next production, call 720-540-6086.

About the Owner
Sharon Thomson likes nothing better than a new project and a blank computer screen. "I've been accused of having obsessive creative disorder," Sharon says. "The ideas just start spinning."

Sharon and her team at Sixth Street approach each new project as a fresh opportunity to create a bit of magic.

"We're always looking for ways to take our productions to the next level -- to stand apart from the ordinary. Great creative doesn't necessarily cost more to produce; that's our approach and that's what makes every new project interesting and challenging."

Sharon has a BA in journalism and began her career as a newspaper reporter and photographer. She moved into advertising and public relations early on, as manager of advertising & PR for a division of a Fortune 100 corporation in Indianapolis, Ind., then as creative director for an ad agency in Boulder. In both positions, she was charged with producing campaigns that moved the needle.

"It's helpful that I've sat in the client's seat," Sharon says. "I know what it's like to depend on outside resources to produce key components of a campaign. Our goal at Sixth Street is to be a reliable partner -- someone clients can count on to deliver with flying colors."

You can call Sharon at 720.540.6086 or email her at

What Our Clients Have to Say!
From Jim Saylor, Marketing G2: "Some people know it when they see it, some people fake it and some people donít have a clue, but when it comes to writing and producing creative video production that deliver your message, Sharon Thomson at Sixth Street Productions is the one you can trust.

"Iíve been hiring Sharon and her team at Sixth Street Productions to write and execute our video productions for over ten years. Quality is in the details and over the years Sharon has continually demonstrated her tenacity for taking the extra step to make sure that every project is the best it can be.

"Budget conscious is the other characteristic that set Sharon apart from other producers and production companies. She is always taking into consideration how to give the client the most for their money.

"But finally and probably as important as anything, Sharon is fun, a pleasure to work with and keeps life in perspective."