The Accidental Entrepreneur
This is my second year in a Mastermind program with the fabulous business coach Tommi Wolfe. The opportunity to join Tommi's program fell into my lap and I decided to go for it. (Which has been pretty much the way I've lived my life, I've come to realize.)

The program has challenged me to step back from the day to day to evaluate where I'm going with my business. And it's been interesting rubbing elbows with fellow entrepreneurs and hearing about their successes and defeats in business. Most of them are very passionate about running their own companies.

In my case, that's never been my driving force. In fact, I never set out to be an entrepreneur. I signed up to take a screenplay writing class and, long story short, the instructor was starting Sixth Street Productions with another partner. When he learned I had a background in marketing and advertising, he asked me to join the start-up. Both partners left the business early on, no doubt extending their lives by several years. And here I am, nearly two decades later, still learning how to get it right.

I've found that I've done some things right intuitively (i.e. I'm very passionate about production, which has probably been my saving grace). But there's always room for improvement in running and growing a business. Trying out new ideas has been interesting and challenging. But it's an important goal to grow, change and keep things fresh as a business matures. I'll keep you posted if anything leads to a roaring success!
Sharon Thomson