Animation Fun

We like mixing a little fantasy into reality, especially when it helps tell the story. Live footage, green screen keying and animation combine to create a bit of whimsy in this spot for the Denver Pavilions.

Beachside in Colorado

Lack of ocean-front property in Colorado didn't stop us from creating this tongue-in-cheek summer getaway. Shot against a green screen backdrop, talent is transported to the beach without leaving the studio. A custom jingle and the surf's up!

Pre-Production Pros

After a good script, one of the most important aspects of a successful production is having the right talent and location. At Sixth Street Productions, we take pre-production seriously and do our homework, scouting locations and videotaping casting calls, to plan appropriately and head off surprises.

3D Animation

Sometimes animation tells the story faster, better and with more pizazz than live footage. We love using 3D animation for TV spots, promotional videos and educational videos when it helps advance the story or show a perspective that can't readily be captured on camera.

Kids and Animals

Okay, we know that kids and animals are supposed to be the bane of the production world but somehow it hasn't worked out that way for us! In fact, we love filming kids and animals for our TV spots, educational videos and documentaries. Hope we haven't jinxed anything by saying that!

2D Animation

2D animation and an urgent call to action can be a quick way to get the phones ringing and orders pouring in. We have a great track record writing and producing effective "direct response" TV spots and radio ads so give us a call if you need to turn the heat up a notch.