Educational Videos

From hundreds of feet in the air to hundreds of feet underground, from tiny cameras mounted in close quarters to 35mm cameras on a crane, we've been educating audiences in the most compelling and effective way possible. Our video projects have taken us from the operating room to the boardroom, from the laboratory to the factory floor and in every environment we find intriguing new stories to share.

Promotional Videos

While we primarily work with professional talent for TV and radio spots, we love working with real employees and customers too. There's an art to getting a relaxed and believable performances from someone who's not used to being in front of the camera and it's an art we think we're pretty good at!


Filmmakers embark on a documentary project thinking they will change viewers through their experience only to find themselves profoundly changed. Sharon Thomson experienced this phenomenon in producing three hour-long documentaries on people with developmental disabilities. Wings is the third in the series and focuses on teens with special challenges.